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It was silly. Why was she still crying over him? It'd been so long since she'd last seen him. Three months. Well, definitely less than the three years he'd been gone initially.
Today was especially hard though and she knew why, not that she'd ever say it out loud. When Suco had thought that Cal had died she never cried on this day. She'd meander over to the cemetery and kneel as his grave marker, speaking out loud about mindless things. It left her content and satisfied. Gave her the idea that she could move on some day.
But then he showed up again.
That had changed everything. Just when she was feeling like the wound had healed, that she could carry on, maybe even pack up and move to the Bakery Kingdom, he'd shown up. Everything about him had been so familiarly unfamiliar. His fluorescent orange hair spiked up to a point looked messier, his blue-green eyes tired and dazed. She briefly remembered how those eyes used to look at her. She remembered even longer how they'd looked at the girl who'd accompanied him.
More tears.
Why was she wasting her time on this? On pining over him, wishing he was here? Three years had gone by without him. Three years where he didn't know she existed. Three years where he mingled with other girls. Three years where he didn't love her. Even more than that so he'd said in the days before his disappearance. She should be furious with him when she thought about it, she should despise him. So why was it that every time his smirk crept into her mind all she felt was the pain of loss?
She knew he was alive, that was plus wasn't it? No, no; that only made it hurt worse. Knowing he was out there and going about his days without her. She bit her lip when she realized he probably hadn't even thought about her until he'd seen her at the Festival. Probably not once since then.
Where had she gone wrong? Had she not held on to him tight enough? Had she been bad to him? Had all the rainstorms of her love and showers of her kisses not been enough? What had she not done? What could she--
What could she do?
What could she do.
She could do something.
((I swear she's not as creepy as I made her sound sob I'm sorry Suco))
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