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Oh gosh critiques I'm not usually one to do them so I'm sorry if this isn't helpful;; But okay first off a woman's shoulders and hips s...




But so yeah, if you're into Adventure Time OCs and RP look here have a thing! I spent a good amount of time setting it up and I'm really excited for it. First of all, HERE HAVE A LINK.
As for what it actually is, the group info is below. If you're interested please don't hesitate to apply, it's really easy! c: Just read through the journals and stuff to see how it all's gonna work. You don't even have to be a good artist to participate, you could be completely text based! This is for building developed, well-rounded characters with deeper relationships and stories as well as to create a safe and tight-knit RP group. I hope you'll consider joining! C: 


Aceae Village was founded 217 years ago by an Orchiderian originally from the Green House Kingdom, Devalia VanAceae, her family, and a small collection of friends and family. VanAceae was the leader of the settlement and so, as the small village grew, it became known as Aceae in her honor. Even after her passing the VanAceae family remained in the village's only leadership position through a democratic voting system. Today Lud VanAceae, an elderly Orchiderian like his great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, is the mayor and has been for the last seventeen years.
Aceae prides itself on its diverse population of citizens from all over Ooo. It's very peaceful and has an everyone-knows-everyone vibe.


Aceae Village is a small village in the Adventure Time universe. This is a closed group to build a tight-knit group of roleplayers who enjoy the AT universe of silliness and endless possibilities. Everyone admitted to this group will be promoted to co-founder to have access to the admin area where the forums are found. 
You can create characters that have had family in the village for generations or who have just moved in yesterday. It's preferred that they have lived in the village for at least some amount of time rather than are moving in so the village can have people familiar with their surroundings and every other person isn't the new guy in town. When it comes to character design the options are limitless! They can be from any kingdom or corner of Ooo, Lumpy Space, Mars, wherever! Be as wild as you want, and don't be afraid of non-humanoid characters. 
Seeing as this group will be closed to a small amount of people and it takes more than 15-20 people to make a village, everyone is open to as many characters as they can actively manage. This doesn't mean that you have to RP with/draw them every day, but what this does mean is you can't control the barista, teacher, grocer and five citizens and focus more on the citizens than those in active community roles. It is preferable the no one person mods more than two characters that own or control public domain (restaurants, grocery store, tailor shop, etc.) seeing as how they will be the moderator of their own forum thread and will have very many RP opportunities with everyone in Aceae. 
Feel free to talk with fellow group members to create pre-established married couples and families of all ages. If you have a couple getting married you will be allowed to have an event forum or chat for their wedding or RP it privately. The same thing goes for other personal events such as birthdays and funerals. There will be a journal listing every active character's birthday so that the rest of the group will know just like in that "small town" setting.
Not everything that happens with your characters has to happen out in the open on the forums. Feel free to have private one-on-one RPs elsewhere or take advantage of the "One x One" forum. 
We look forward to building a fun, accepting RP group with you and your characters!

:bulletgreen: Be nice. If you're found to be stirring negativity you will be subject to removal from the group.
:bulletgreen: No god modding. Do not injure or kill another character without the mod's consent.
:bulletgreen: Keep the atmosphere of the village in mind. Keep violence and law-breaking to a minimum.
:bulletgreen: The group is more or less PG-13. Swear at your leisure but keep the smut in private chats. 
:bulletgreen: The word orchid should be included somewhere in your application
:bulletgreen: More rules will be added as needed. Breaking these rules could make you subject to removal from the group.))


AskPrinceCal's Profile Picture
Hey, I'm Cal. I uh, guess I'm uh, Prince of the Stone Kingdom;; If you got any questions I'll do my best'ta answer them.

Name: Calvin Stephen Larvikite (Cal)
Age: 21
Occupation: Prince of the Stone Kingdom
Relationship Status: Taken by Joanna, AskCoffeePrince's genderbend

((This is an Adventure Time OC RP account! C:
I'll do most of my answers/drawings on the weekends and submit story posts throughout the week. Usually that is :d
Skype = graayseaa
Main Account = Gray-Sea
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